Our Company follows all the whole process of product development, from the design of the mould up to the standard production and engeneering of the process.

70% of the productions concerns finished parts in PC-ABS and PP, strenghtened with charges of ores and fluxes, to be included in the frame of the headliner (inner roof of the car), such as:

  • Frames for headlamps and third stop-light
  • Stiffeners for uprights and visors
  • Aesthetic components
  • Shock absorbers
  • Supporting frameworks for sunroofs
  • Various components for doorpanes

20% of the productions concerns polyurethane and nylon washer for hydraulic rams and absorbers, such as:

  • Gas-check pads
  • Scraper rings
  • Shock absorbers

Finally, the remaining 10% of the production directs to the production of nylon tie-rods for overhead lockers and car saddles, through techniques of co-moulding. This process allows you to equip the tie-rods with elements of rubber.

Someplastic moulding examples

Some tie rods examples