Digital Manufacturing

Sicav has embarked on its production process digitalisation journey

Digital Manufacturing

In 2018, Sicav embarked on its production process digitalisation journey, in order to:

  • make the paper documentation required by sector quality certifications more accessible and dematerialise it;
  • have greater control over key process data and cost deployment, i.e. a breakdown of the production costs per individual operation.
As a result, the MMS - Manufacturing Monitoring System was created; a general-purpose management system for production processes, which allows great results to be achieved for a low and competitive initial investment, when compared to solutions offered by other suppliers, thereby speeding up the 'payback' time of the investment.

Sicav's solution also creates a link between the different company departments, providing its customers with the option to receive daily reports of all system-recorded data.

Main features of the Manufacturing Monitoring System:

  • Real-time monitoring of
    - processing times
    - the entire premise’s electricity consumption (can also be used as data for predictive maintenance)
  • production control
  • waste control
  • production downtime control
  • digitalisation of paper documentation
    - work instructions
    - process documents
    - operator notices
The main strengths of the MMS are the option to customise according to customer requirements and the flexibility and responsiveness when product modifications are requested.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us: we will look at your needs together and propose the best tailor-made solution for you.

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