High-quality, certified plastic and metal components


Sicav Srl operates under a quality regime in accordance with the standards defined by IATF 16949:2016 (certificate No. 349734) and ISO 9001:2015 (certificate No. IT288319-1).

The company boasts an in-house department that carries out quality tests on the parts produced in order to ensure that the quality standards meet the customer specifications.

Inside the metrology lab – located in the Sicav factory – our staff have sophisticated state-of-the-art machinery at their disposal which are used to produce high-quality plastic and metal components.

  • Coord3 Hera 3D coordinate measuring machine with a scanning range of 1600 x 1000 x 700 mm
  • 3D printers (max. editable vol. 500 x 240 x 140 mm) for analysing the geometry of complex components in greater detail, creating control equipment and rapid prototyping
  • Zeiss Gom 3D scanner for measuring objects with complex geometries
  • Dynamometer with a 10 kN load cell for compression and tension tests on raw materials and finished products
  • Profile projector for 2D measurements
  • Torque transducer for torsion tests
  • Shore A and Shore D durometers

Sicav Srl is able to print specimens according to regulations ISO EN 527 and ASTM D 638, by performing the following physical-mechanical tests on raw materials:

  • Yield and tensile strength
  • Elongation at break and elongation %
  • Compressive strength

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Sicav's Quality Policy

We select only the best for our products.

The 'quality policy' adopted by Sicav Srl is based on the principle that the development and application of its Quality Management System is the main factor as far as company excellence and competitiveness are concerned.

Sicav Srl's basic quality-related guidelines:

  • The organisation must strive to understand the present and future needs of its customers, with the aim of providing a level of quality equal to or better than the expected quality;
  • The organisation must engage in improvement activities in pursuit of the company's strategic objectives;
  • The organisation must be committed to making decisions and taking actions based on analyses of actual facts, by balancing them with experience and intuition.